What Is Foundational Wellness Coaching?

With Foundational Wellness Coaching, you will receive the guidance and tools necessary to achieve your wellness goals by training your mind and  body. In my specialized system, we will take a look at your old, unhealthy behaviors and use your strengths to create a more solid foundation for change. Through this coaching format, you will know how to leave your old dieting and exercise patterns behind you for good.

Why Do I Need Coaching?

We have little success when trying to control our weight with strict diet and exercise programs because we are bypassing the first, most important step. Before creating the body of your dreams, you must start with a blueprint that constructs a strong foundation. By constructing a new foundation, you finally create healthy habits that leave you feeling confident, healthy, happy and awesome without giving a thought to starting another diet ever again.

Foundational Wellness Coach

Erin, RDN., LD

Hi! I’m Erin and I am a health & behavior change specialist. As a registered dietitian, I created Foundational Wellness Coaching as a way to help men & women break out of their old dieting and exercise patterns to build a new foundation and thrive on healthy habits! With a stronger foundation, you can accomplish any wellness goal and never have to diet again.

What Clients Are Saying

“Erin is the best trainer and health coach there is! She knows everything healthy about fitness & eating healthy!”


“Erin is amazing to work with!! Great advice, recipes, & ways to focus on your health & enjoy your life!”


“Erin’s knowledge about what to eat & not eat is one of my favorite parts of working with her!”


With a strong foundation, you can literally accomplish any wellness goal. Interested in transforming your life and finding out how to do so? Let's connect!

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Join me and I will take you through a system that builds a stronger foundation to get you unstuck from old, unsuccessful diet & exercise patterns for good!

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