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Erin Coates, RDN., LD

Health & Behavior Change Specialist

I have been a registered dietitian since 2008 and have been working as a Health Coach for the Cleveland Clinic since the beginning of 2013. I continue to grow my skills as a public speaker, as I have appeared in various media outlets such as: Fox 8 Good Day Cleveland, Health Magazine, 24Life Magazine, US News, POPSugar Fitness, & EveryDay Health.

I am an ACE certified group fitness instructor, as well as an ACE certified behavior change specialist.

My Story

I was caught up in unhealthy diet and exercise patterns for most of my teens & early twenties because media and mainstream messages told me that my weight was my worth. I teetered between obsessively counting every calorie to giving up completely and binge eating. I was tired. I did not want to stay on the same diet and exercise hamster wheel any longer. I wanted something that worked!

One day I had an AHA! Moment.
What I discovered is that my foundation; the emotions, thoughts, motives for why I dieted, and the community I surrounded myself with were shaky and not supportive. The reason I continued to struggle with eating, exercise and creating a true healthy lifestyle was because I was trying to build upon a poor foundation. I had to start anew by building a NEW foundation. The strategies I developed for foundational wellness coaching are the blueprints I want to share with YOU!

With a strong foundation, you can literally accomplish any wellness goal. Interested in transforming your life and finding out how to do so? Let's connect!

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