The Body Aligned Method

A Long-Term Strategy

Goodbye short-term, quick fixes and hello long-term results!  First, you will weed out all the habits that no longer serve your new, healthy lifestyle. Then, you will learn how to create new habits that actually feel realistic to sustain with simple hacks! Finally, you will put strategies in place to nourish your new habits so that you can grow and always live a healthy lifestyle.

This process will feel easy, enjoyable and fun! Most fitness and nutrition pros are putting you on a meal plan or fitness plan that makes it very hard to stick to after their program is over. They’re also promoting programs that might help you lose weight in the short-term, but you’re still left dieting and working out constantly in order to maintain these results. They also don’t really teach you anything more than reliance on their plan. 

If you’ve struggled to succeed at keeping your results in the past, it’s likely a combination of lack of strategy toward changing your thoughts and misaligned food and fitness plans that feel unrealistic in your busy, working life.

Food Method

The second thing you need is to relearn all you’ve been taught about eating. Most nutrition and fitness pros are putting out vanilla meal plans and workouts that are based on ‘calories in versus calories out’ strategies. While this might help you lose weight in the short-term, you will end up feeling hungry and more food obsessed than when you started.

If you’re not changing your relationship with food and understanding what and how to eat without a meal plan, it’s likely not a program that will stick and you will remain stuck losing and gaining the same weight. The Body Aligned Food Method is all about bringing more awareness to your plate, feeling more satiated after meals, and choosing foods you love to eat–that actually love your body back!

Tools to Master Your Mindset

The third thing you need is to master your mindset and know how to nurture it. Positive thinking, motivation, willpower, self-love and mapped out meal and fitness plans are not a mindset. Your MINDSET is where you place your focus each day. A strong mindset will help you grow, build stronger relationships, become a more present wife and mother, and live life at more ease! When it comes to diet and exercise, you will only succeed if you are in control of your mindset and this starts with challenging your thoughts. Our thoughts can control us or we can control our thoughts. 

I will show you how to change your thinking in ways that bring TRUTH to your life in a way that also honors the Lord.  From working together, you will literally never have to restrict your diet, do any fitness activity you loathe, and will maintain a healthy size that you can feel confident about for the rest of your life! You will feel happier about living a healthy lifestyle than you ever have before. 

What are you waiting for? Grab a spot!

What Are Clients Saying…

“The nutrition, meditation, and sodium decrease have already lowered my BP significantly, especially in the last week. A miracle happened today, I had 3 readings of 120s over 80. Haven’t been in the normal range in years! I appreciate your support, Erin.” 


“I am so appreciative for the continual support and guidance as I navigated a newly diagnosed diabetes. My triglycerides dropped significantly, I lowered my A1C and I lost almost 40 pounds in 6 months!”


Erin, you should write a book about how to create a healthier relationship with food!”


“Thank you for sharing your knowledge of nutrition and helping me learn more what to eat so I don’t feel obsessed with food any longer.”

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